Monday, February 23, 2015

My clevah blogging platform

So I want to add a blog to my website but I don't want to actually build a complete blogging platform nor do I want to put something like wordpress on my site.

So some head scratching later I realized what I wanted to do is use someone else's platform and just put the words up on my site. I don't actually care if people can interact with me on my site at all (well not today so I am not going to plan for it.) I was looking for something that worked with blogging tools (like MarsEdit which is what I use) but displayed on my website. Then I realized that what I could do is put up a blog somewhere and use MarsEdit to work on it there and then have it synced back to my site via the Goolge API.

Like all ideas of this nature it seems a little stupid but I think it gives me most of what I want. I can include the original URL for people to get RSS feeds or if I want to hook it to twitter or some such. And really I don't need to write all that much software. Just the bits that collect the data and display it on my site (add a few tools to do forward and back and a history.)

So lets get started. First thing I need is some code to get the API data for me. And nom comes to the rescue, although technically I don't NEED this it will make life a little bit easier. Next I need an API key for my app. I need to ask Google for permission to use their blogger API. First step is go to and make a project if you don't already have one. Once you have a project then go to the APIs & auth and choose the API you want to enable. In my case it was blogger v3. And click on the "ON" button. They will ask you what you want the API for and ask you how much you will need. I clicked on the button and am now waiting for a response. Once I get it I will continue.

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